Your Facebook Business Page is where all your ads will appear and it's simply awesome to have Facebook Business Page for your brand.

Here is how you create one inside your Business Manager.

If you haven't created one, please follow This Tutorial To Create One.

Click on this button to open the Business Manager Settings

You will be redirected to the Business Manager Settings for Page Creations.

Click on the Add button to create a new Facebook Page.

A drop-down menu will open with (3) options:

  1. Add A Page: This is when you want to Add A Page that is already existing in either another Business Manager or created directly through a Personal Facebook Profile. If you are already Admin of that page, it will immediately be added to your Business Manager.

2. Request Access To A Page: Request to another Business Manager or a Personal Facebook Profile to give Admin access to your own Business Manager. This will not transfer the Page, only give you access to it. If you are already an Admin on that Facebook Business Page, you will instantly connect it.

3. Create New Page: The last option is to create a new page. You select this option if your page is not yet existing. You will be able to choose the page Category, choose this wisely since this will help in your targeting and optimization. Facebook's algorithm will base it self with this information!

Once you have selected one of those options, you will be redirected to creating the name of the page.

Be aware that this is not the name for the domain ( This is simply the name your page will appear as.

Once you have created the page, you can update it by clicking on View Page.

Welcome to your new Facebook Business Page.

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