There a few ways you can delete or disable a campaign that you activated through EXOD.

We strongly suggest that instead of deleting your campaign, you only deactivate it. Once you delete a campaign, you lose all statistics and engagements in that campaign. Unless there has been no activity yet on the campaign.

Option 1 - Directly through EXOD

In your dashboard, go into My Campaigns, the little thunder icon in the left side menu.

You should be able to see all of your active, paused and archived campaigns.

Here is what these statuses mean:

  • Active - Your campaign is active, in review or rejected inside of your Facebook Ad Account (we are working to add a status for all these 3 separately)
  • Paused - Your campaign is turned off either through EXOD or directly through you ad account
  • Archived - Your campaign has been deleted inside of your ad account

Now let's deactivate or delete a campaign.

Find the campaign that you want to delete or deactivate.

Once you have found it, click on the green toggle on the left of the campaign, once you click it, it should deactivate the campaign on EXOD and inside of your ad account.

For reassurance, you can also check inside of your ad account to make sure that it is not active anymore.

Option 2 - Delete or deactivate directly from the Ad Account

Now we will go inside the ad account to turn it off or delete it.

Go into your ad account through this button or

Now that you are in the ad account, make sure you are viewing the right one that is connected to

Once you are in the right ad account, find your campaign. If you disabled the campaign through, your campaign should already be disabled.

If you want to delete it, simply select the campaign and click on the trash can icon on the middle menu

Your campaigns are now disabled or deleted.

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