The Ads preview is clearly the most important part of the platform!

Sometimes, it does not work! That can be bothersome if you wanted to launch a campaign through Simple Campaign Builder.

Good news is that it does not work for VERY specific reasons and here they are.

Pop-up Blocker

The main one is the pop-up blockers. Our website and Facebook's API does NOT work well with pop-up blockers.

Try turning off your Pop up blocker, log out from your account, re-login, and refresh the page to reset the cache.

Now try building your campaign again, this should have fixed it.

Private Facebook Groups or Profiles and other links.

Facebook is strict with privacy! When it comes to advertising, they don't like mixing personal data with advertisers.

That is why you will not be able to advertise your private group or profile directly!

It will show you this error:

"Could Not Share Post: Sorry, the post that you're sharing couldn't be loaded. it may have been recently deleted."

This usually appears when you are trying to directly advertise a restricted url, like a Private Facebook Profile or Private Group.

It may also happen with other types of urls, if you get this error and it is not a group or profile, try copying the URL directly from the url tab on your browser and paste it on

Keyword Too Specific, Nothing Found In Database.

Sometimes When you are looking for creatives by typing keywords on the Simple Campaign Builder, we tend to be too specific.

When the A.I. is not able to find anything it will show you one of these 2 possible outcomes.

  1. Template Image

2. Nothing

If this happens, try to make your keywords less specific.

You can read about how to use our automated creative system here:

Slow Connection

This is an obvious one, sometimes when the connection is too slow, the system loses connection with both Facebook and Shutterstock's API.

This will generate a blank page with infinite loading.

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