As we build our platform bigger and greater, every day we try to make it better as we go.

We encounter new problems every day thanks to you guys 😀.

Good thing we find different fixes for those troubles.

The biggest and worst trouble you could encounter is the No Ads inside your campaign after several minutes of syncing.

This means your campaign encountered an error while syncing and abruptly stopped because of one of these issues.

No Payment Method Connected To Ad Account

This is the typical one our users overlook. Make sure that before you Build a campaign on Campaign Builder, you have connected a payment method DIRECTLY on your ad account and not just on your Business Manager.

If you do not have a payment method, the system will generate an error and never send your ads to your campaign on the Ad Account connected to your account.

Here is a tutorial on how to connect a payment method on your Ad Account

Lead Generation Form Terms And Conditions Not Accepted

If you launch a Lead Generation campaign a No Ads sync with the campaign on your Facebook, it might be because you did not accept the Lead Generation Terms of Service.

You have to accept these terms by Facebook before being able to launch a Lead Generation campaign on

Click here to accept them

Audience Too Small

This one is a tougher one because it might be one of the interests, behaviors or demographics in the database that is too small either globally or in one specific location.

We are working for a workaround for this problem but if none of the reasons above

are relevant to you, please send us a message directly on discord so we can help you fix it ASAP. We will manually fix the data for that vertical.

Ad Account, Business Manager or Personal Profile Limited or Disabled

This is an obvious one but we still need to point out that if your power to advertise on Facebook was limited or disabled, you will not be able to launch campaigns through using your Facebook Profile.

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